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Ad hoc News: Catalis Board of Directors proposes the introduction of B Ordinary Shares to its shareholders at an Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting (EGM)


La Waalre, July 27th, 2017 - Catalis SE Board of Directors today decided to ask its shareholders for approval to issue 80,000 B Ordinary Shares at an Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting (EGM) to be held in Eindhoven in the next months. Equal to the current registered shares the B Ordinary Shares have a nominal value of Euro 1,00 but will not be tradable on a stock exchange.

They are a new share class and represent a long term incentive scheme for senior management by which senior managers will get rewarded if the company’s share price exceeds a defined threshold. If the shareholders approve the action and the necessary growth targets are achieved Catalis issued share capital would rise from Euro 700,233 as of today to Euro 780,233.

The invitation to the EGM and the agenda will be published on the company’s webpage once the meeting date is fixed.

For further information on Catalis SE and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Testronic Labs and Kuju, please refer to www.catalisgroup.com, www.testroniclabs.com and www.kuju.com.
For further questions please contact our Investor Relations team directly:
Catalis SE
Investor Relations Team
t: +31 40 213 59 30
f: +31 40 213 56 04

About Catalis SE:
Catalis is a worldwide leading outsourcing provider focusing on high-end technical services relating to the creation of digital content for the film, video games and software industries. Catalis offers both testing and development services. It operates through its wholly-owned subsidiaries Testronic Labs and Curve/ Kuju from seven locations throughout the US, the UK, Poland and the Netherlands.


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