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Corporate news: Catalis trading update on Q1 2018


La Waalre, May 8nd, 2018 - Catalis SE hereby provides a three month trading update for the first quarter ending 31 March 2018. Catalis is very satisfied with the progress made in both divisions of the group. Testronics has won a number of new clients this year which will create additional revenues in 2018 and Curve Digital Entertainment has had continuing success with a number of published games including “Human Fall Flat”.
In the first quarter of 2018 Catalis unaudited revenues amounted to Euro 12.4m (Q1 2017: Euro 4.3m) to which Curve Digital Entertainment contributed Euro 8.3m (Q1 2017: Euro 1.2m) and Testronics Euro 4.1m (Q1 2017: Euro 3.1m). Catalis’ EBITDA for Q1 2018 rose to Euro 2.543m (Q1 2017: Euro 0.003).
Catalis will take further initiatives to expand its business during the course of 2018:
-After the big success of Curve Digital’s game “Human Fall Flat” a multi- player version for consoles will be released in the third quarter 2018. In addition, the division has scheduled a number of new games releases during the year.
- Catalis will increase its investment in Curve Digital Publishing and is developing a good  pipeline for 2019 and 2020.   - Testronic is expanding its operations in the Poland office due to demand from its clients.    
The company’s annual shareholder meeting is scheduled for June 6, 2018.
For further information on Catalis SE and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Testronic Labs and Kuju, please refer to www.catalisgroup.com, www.testroniclabs.com and www.kuju.com {www.curve-digital.com }   For further questions please contact our Investor Relations team directly:  


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About Catalis SE:

Catalis is a worldwide leading outsourcing provider focusing on high-end technical services relating to the creation of digital content for the film, video games and software industries. Catalis offers both testing and development services. It operates through its wholly-owned subsidiaries Testronic Labs and Kuju/ Curve from seven locations throughout the US, the UK, Poland and the Netherlands.


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